King County Fire Commissioners Association  Committees


By Laws Committee 

Our Association is run by 100% volunteers. The board provides long-term direction and leadership while the officers and committees of the association are responsible for the day to day management and special programs for the association.

While there are many standing committees for the association, the President may select and appoint whatever committees he/she shall deem necessary for the good of the Association.  The President may also name the Chairperson for committees with the selection of the committee members being appointed at the discretion of the Committee Chair. 

The committees listed below are standing committees of the association. If you have any questions about these committees, please contact the committee chairman listed or contact President Mark Thompson at

Audit    Committee 


The Vice President of our association is the Education Committee Chairman. This committee is responsible for the meeting locations, sponsors, topics and speakers at our general membership meetings.

They also provide information and insight to Saturday Seminar content and presenters.

We are currently looking for a few volunteers to help Don on this committee. If you are interested or have ideas, please contact Commissioner Don Smith at


Committee    Chairman -  Donald Smith   from King County Fire District 10

Education Committee 

Committee Chairman -   Chris Elwell   from  King County Fire District 2

 Committee Member -   Camille Staczek    from Vashon Fire & Rescue

Committee Member -   Ken Callahan    from  the Shoreline Fire Department


Every year, the Audit committee shall audit the financial records of the association in January, or prior to the installation of a new Treasurer elect in January or at the earliest time possible when there is a vacancy in the Treasurers Office.

The Audit committee then reports the findings of the audit to the board for appropriate action.

If you have questions about the Audit Committee or would like to talk with Commissioner Elwell you can email him at

Nominations Committee 


Committee Chairman -   Jon Kennison   from the Shoreline Fire Department

Commissioner Gloria Hatcher-Mayes – King 10 –

Commissioner Camille Walls – Maple Valley Fire and Rescue

Commissioner Chris Elwell – Burien Fire –


The Nominations' Committee shall be appointed by the President at the June regular meeting of the association to solicit candidates for Elected Officers and/or Directors and shall make a report at the September regular meeting and September Board of Directors meeting.

Nominations remain open until the election at the November General meeting.

If you have questions about the nominations' committee please contact Commissioner Jon Kennison at


Committee Chairman  -  Ken Callahan   from the Shoreline Fire Department


At minimum, the By Laws committee meet once a year to review the current by laws and make any recommended changes to the board. If the board approves the changes, they make a recommendation to the general membership to vote on at the next General Membership Meeting. 

If any member would like changes to the by laws, they can contact the By Laws committee and follow the same process.

If you have questions about the by laws committee or would like to help serve, please contact Commissioner Ken Callahan at Please see a link to the current By Laws below.

Membership  Committee 

Committee Chairman -  Kim Fischer   from the Shoreline Fire Department

If you have questions or if you would like to help serve on the membership committee please contact Commissioner Kim Fischer at

Associate Membership Committee 

Committee Chairman -  Bill Fuller   from South King Fire & Rescue

 The King County Fire Commissioners Association offers associate membership to private companies and individuals wishing to affiliate with this organization.  Associate membership is for one calendar year and the cost is $250.00.

With associate memberships organization will be included on our website with their logo and a link to their site. They will have special sponsorship opportunities such as sponsoring door prizes at all meetings, refreshment breaks and meals during the Saturday Seminar Series and general membership meetings. They will have opportunities to showcase their organization at our seminars and some general meetings and they will be supporting our industry while playing an integral role in helping to provide leading edge training and education to fire officials, commissioners and others in the fire and rescue industry, so that Fire Districts, Departments and Regional Fire Authorities in King County continues to provide the best possible service to our community.

Our association is run by 100% volunteers. We have several committees that serve our association and keep us going strong. Serving on a committee gives you the opportunity to interact with more of our members and make a bigger difference for the fire and emergency response industry. If you are interested on serving on a committee please contact Commissioner Bill Fuller.

If you have questions about the associate membership program please contact Commissioner Bill Fuller at

Banquet Committee 


Committee Chairman  Julie Hiatt   from  the North Highline Fire District

Committee Member Chris Elwell from King County Fire District 2

Committee Member Ken Callahan from Shoreline Fire Department

Committee Member  Allen Barrie from Puget Sound RFA

Committee Member  Bill Fuller from South King Fire & Rescue


Every year in January, our association along with the King County Fire Chiefs Association, holds a joint annual meeting also known as our annual banquet. Every other year each association is responsible to host the banquet and the banquet committee is responsible for all the details of the event. Although our official responsibility is every other year, we work together every year to celebrate and honor the districts and the men and women who go above and beyond to make our industry great.

If you would like to serve on this committee, have ideas for the banquet or      questions, please contact committee Chairman, Commissioner Julie Hiatt                at


      Merchandise Committee


Merchandise Committee –Chair     Sue Carlson                                        


Merchandise committee makes recommendation to the Board of Directors for association related items

that should be offered for sale to the membership.
If you have an idea for an item the membership would be interested in purchasing please contact
Commissioner Kennison. Ideas are always welcome!!
If you would like assist on the Merchandise Committee please contact the association president or
commissioner Kennison. Representation from Central and South County would be nice to work with Jon.


Door Prize Committee      


Chair Commissioner Bill Fuller – South King Fire & Rescue –


Door prize committee searches for door prize donations to be awarded at our General membership
Commissioner Fuller is in need of at least one commissioner from North or Central to assist him securing
door prizes! And helping with the drawings. Interested members please contact Commissioner Fuller,