Washington Fire Commissioner Association (WFCA) Legislative Committee

NAEFO National Association of Emergency Fire Officials (NAEFO) 

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner  Chris Elwell                                                                                         celwell@burienfire.org

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner Dominic Barrera                     barrera@northhighlinefd.org

Fire Commissioner  Tim Osgood                                                                                                          tosgood@wf-r.org

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner  Tim Osgood                                                                                                          tosgood@wf-r.org

King County E911 Collation

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Rural Fire District Rep – Currently Vacant
Urban Fire District Rep – Commissioner John Rickert                      john.rickert@southkingfire.org

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Commissioner John Herbert                                  john.herbert@pugetsoundfire.org

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner  Chris Elwell                                                                                          celwell@burienfire.org

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner  Mark Thompson                            mark.thompson@southkingfire.org

King County Fire Chiefs Association (KCFCA)

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Fire Commissioner  Bill Gates                                                            bill.gates@southkingfire.org

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Commissioner Mark Thompson                         mark.thompson@southkingfire.org

Commissioner Larry Rude                                                     lrude@es-r.org

As part of the current EMS Strategic Plan, the EMS Advisory Committee was created to ensure the continued excellence of this essential service provided to the citizens of King County.

The committee has met on a quarterly basis since 1998 to advise on operational EMS issues, evaluate the progress of the EMS Strategic Plan, and review the current EMS financial status.                                                                                                  

2020 King County Medic One EMS Levy Advisory Committee

Coalitions, Task Forces, Committees and Partnerships in the King County and Washington State Fire Industry

There are several Task Forces, Committees and Focus Groups within the Fire Industry in King County and Washington State. Here is a listing of the ones that our association has representation in whether it be voting or advisory. For more information on each one click on the link below. If you would like to get involved in a Task Force or Committee just let our Association President, any officer or Director on the E-board know or contact the representatives listed below.

NAEFO President -  Fire Commissioner  Candy McCullough 

Vashon Fire  & Rescue – vifrcandy@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                       

NAEFO Mission: We represent and inform elected fire officials on national issues and provide assistance to state associations

Education is the key to making a difference. Working with chiefs, other elected officials, State legislators, Senators and members of Congress; raising awareness and influencing decisions being made that impact emergency responders locally and nationally. Join us!

NAEFO has cancelled our 2020 scheduled conference in Las Vegas and instead we will be offering webinars to fulfill our mission of informing emergency services officials on National issues. Our first one will be about GEMT, details in a future communication.


Candy McCullough

National Association of Elected Fire Officials
NAEFO President 2016 - present
(206) 920-7596


  Washington State Patrol State Fire Marshal's Office


The State Fire Marshal and Fire Protection Bureau have broad responsibility to ensure fire and life safety for the people of Washington State. The Fire Protection Bureau consists of Emergency Mobilization, Fire code and Information Services, Fire Services Training, and the Regional Fire Protection Services.

Fire Training Academy
The Fire Training Academy is the premier live-fire training site in Washington State that provides critical live-fire and public safety training in a safe and controlled environment.

Fire Prevention Division
The Prevention Division is active in providing a variety of Fire Protection services including fire inspections on licensed care facilities, plan review of schools, data collection, analysis, licensing, and certification of the fire sprinkler, fireworks, and cigarette industries to both public and private sectors.

King County Fire Commissioner Association Representative

Commissioner Terry Miller                                   tmiller@kcfd20.org

Alternate: Commissioner Allan Barrie           abarrie202@comcast.net

Here are the October Meeting Minutes and Action Items


 Western Fire Chiefs Association


The purpose of the Western Fire Chiefs Association is to serve as a representative of choice of (and for) career and volunteer leaders of fire related emergency service organizations throughout the WFCA member states and the Western Pacific Islands. The WFCA helps develop, and supports the work of, those leaders and organizations in order that they may best provide for the protection of people and the environment from the occurrence and outcomes of fires and other natural, technological and human-behavior-caused emergencies.

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 King County Boundary Review Board


Fire Chief (ret) Jim Polhamus – South King  Fire & Rescue –   polhamus56@aol.com

The Boundary Review Board – Reviews proposals for boundary changes by cities, fire districts,

and water/sewer districts within King County, including city or distric annexations, new city
incorporations, and district mergers.

WSP - Fire Protection Bureau

State Fire Marshal    Charles P. LeBlanc                                                                                                             charles.pleblanc@wsp.wa.gov                                                                                                     

NAEFO     is a forward-thinking national organization that speaks with a unified voice for emergency services officials for the purpose of influencing policies, regulation and legislation relating to emergency services issues at the national level. 

  Important NAEFO  Documents:

NAEFO Special Purpose District Essential Services Cover Letter          

Special Purpose District Sample Letter 


NAEFO 2020 Conference CANCELLED